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Computer Recycling

Free Computer Recycling For Texas Businesses

Texas E-Waste takes computer recycling to a new level, keeping electronic scrap out of Texas landfills. Help us help the planet.


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And IT Assets

We will arrange pickup and data destruction if needed. Please give us a little information and we will contact you VERY quickly.

Texas E-Waste offers computer recycling to businesses in Texas, including free pickup and data destruction when you recycle 25 or more computers or other IT assets. Tell us what you need. We can pick up your computers and other IT assets in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, or any other Texas city.

HIPAA Compliant Data Destruction and Medical ComputerRecycling are our specialties. We know how critical proper data removal and reporting are. We offer these services free when recycling quantities of laptops and computers for Doctor's Offices and Hospitals. 

We recycle computers for the largest law firms in the US. References are available. If you have sensitive data, do not trust your computer recycling to anyone else. Only our employees and our trucks are used to transport your computers and data. We never ship your equipment or hire subcontractors. Our reputation and your data are too important.

We have been recycling computers in Texas since 1997. Our services are free in most cases. Texas E-Waste is owned by We can offer this service for free because we generate revenue by selling the equipment we recycle. 90% of other recyclers in the US charge you to pick up your equipment and send it to us, So cut out the middle man and come straight to the source.

At this time, we DO NOT offer consumer recycling. Texas E-Waste's Computer Recycling services are for small, medium, and large businesses. We only service Texas. If your company is selling computer equipment rather than recycling, please get in touch with Rick.

About Us and Computer Recycling

Texas E-Waste is a division of And this is why we are better for the planet. When you send your recycled electronics to Texas E-Waste you are cutting out all the middlemen. That means your recycled electronics, like cellphones, computers, laptops, and monitors will go directly back into the hands of other people. They don't get sold from company to company or shipped to an Amazon warehouse or discarded improperly. Your recycled electronics go from you to Discount Electronics to another consumer. That uses less gas and less electricity. And that is good for Texas and good for the planet.

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