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Electronics Recycling

Texas E-Waste takes electronics recycling to a new level. Do the planet and your wallet some good. Get paid to recycle


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And IT Assets

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About Us and Electronics Recycling

Texas E-Waste is a division of And this is why we are able to pay you more and do better for the planet. When you sell your recycled electronics to Texas E-Waste you are cutting out all the middlemen. That means more green in your pocket and more green for the planet because your recycled electronics, like cellphones, computers, laptops, and monitors will go directly back into the hands of other people. They don't get sold from company to company or shipped to an Amazon warehouse or discarded improperly. Your recycled electronics go from you to Discount Electronics to another consumer. That uses less gas and less electricity. And that is good for everyone.



What Our Customers Say

Talk about a great place to get computer parts, gadgets, and overall great customer service. Remember RadioShack? Yeah, this isn't that. Need a cheap laptop, tower, random, computer parts, etc.... Come here! I love discount!